I want some ‘me-time’

I want some ‘me-time’
I want some ‘me-time’

Whilst it’s important that you bond with your baby, you still need time out for yourself to relax, recharge and do the things you love as well. A frazzled mum is no good to anyone!

I want some ‘me-time’


There are lots of reasons why getting some ‘me-time’ is a good idea.

  • Just getting an hour’s break from being a mum will really help you recharge your batteries.
  • You’ll get chance to do the things you loved doing before your baby arrived!
  • Using the time to meet other adults and chatting to them can do the world of good. Sometimes conversation is far better than making baby sounds all day!
  • A little time to relax means you’ll return to your baby refreshed and enthusiastic.

So utilise your friends and family to help you out. Plan the time you have and do the things you really need or want to. From enjoying a long quiet soak to going to the gym or having a good old pampering, it’s important you take time out.


It’s always helpful to talk to people who are going through the same things as you. You can share worries, stories, or decide to talk about anything but babies! So try and meet some new people. It’s not as hard as it sounds – there are plenty of places you can socialise with other new mums nowadays, for instance:

  • Try a mum and baby group, such as a baby swimming or music class or postnatal group. These are a fun way to keep your baby active, get you out of the house and meet other new parents. Many towns and villages have local mum and baby groups – often hosted in community centres or village halls by volunteers. Or you could find out if your area has a children’s centre. Just go along and get involved!
  • Get in touch with the other mums you met in your antenatal class or maternity ward. It’s more than likely that they’d enjoy the company too!