I’m desperate for more sleep

I’m desperate for more sleep
I’m desperate for more sleep

I’m desperate for more sleep Being a new mum is exhausting, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself properly. And one of the most common things that mums go without is sleep. However, trying to get your baby to snooze so you can get some shut eye can be tricky. But whenever and wherever you can it’s important that you do take time to rest. Here are some tips on helping you get some sleep and how to perk yourself up.

I’m desperate for more sleep


  • If you can work out some kind of routine where you put your baby down for a nap at regular times during the day and get the chance to rest yourself, this will be a big hurdle crossed. Pick a time that will work best for you both – perhaps after their mid-day feed and schedule in a ‘sleep session’ or quiet-time.
  • Lots of mums find that remembering the little tasks they need to do makes it hard for them to sleep, so one good tip is to write things down to move them out of your mind before you go for a nap.
  • A soothing bedtime routine for your baby is essential and can work wonders. Try and quieten the mood at least an hour before it’s time for them to go to bed. A bedtime routine means that you’ll have time for yourself to rest and relax, knowing your baby is safely tucked up.
  • Whenever your baby cries for you in the night, keeping the room darkened will make it easier for you to go back to sleep when you go back to bed.



Whilst it’s important that your baby has regular naps you also both need to be active during the day. Any regular exercise will give you more energy and also make it easier for you to sleep or grab a power nap. You don’t have to join a gym – simply getting out in the fresh air will do. So visit friends, go out with the pushchair – anything that will tire them out for the evening. And if you need to perk yourself up try a cool shower, aromatherapy oil or scented candles.


Eat well and stick to slow-release energy foods like brown rice, wholewheat noodles / wholemeal pasta or fruit that won’t pick you up and then plunge you into a lethargic dip afterwards. And drink plenty of water!


Lastly, if you are feeling tired, just remind yourself that this isn’t going to last forever. Give your baby a cuddle and remember how much they’re worth it.