Burping your baby

Burping your baby
Burping your baby

Whether your baby finishes their feed in one go, or stops and starts, with burping in between, burping is an important part of their feeding routine and should be done after every milk feed. This is because they can’t yet burp up wind by themselves.

Burping your baby


Babies get wind by swallowing air when feeding, crying or simply breathing. The air fills their tummy, which can make them feel uncomfortable and full before they’ve had enough milk. Burping them helps relieve this.

Breastfed babies often have fewer problems with burping because their feeds are smaller and they can control the flow of milk more easily.


  • If your baby is feeding happily, leave them be
  • Try burping during a feed, when you change breasts
  • Try burping at the end of their feed
  • Experiment with positions, see what works best for you
  • Cuddle up at the end of the feed – you may get a sleepy burp in response!


  • 1

    Place your baby over your shoulder and support their bottom with your arm on that side. Pat or rub their back with your other hand. This is a good ‘burping position’ as your baby is upright and stretched out.

  • 2

    Sit your baby upright on your lap, with your arm loosely wrapped around their tummy. Let them lean forward slightly, against your arm. Pat or rub their back with your other hand. This position gently compresses their abdomen to help to bring up the wind.

  • 3

    Place your baby face down on your lap. Hold them firmly with one hand and pat or rub their back gently with the other.