Dressing your bump

Dressing your bump
Dressing your bump

Pregnancy is the most amazing change your body will go through, even if it doesn’t always feel like it! One way to instantly boost your confidence in your new bump is to dress it right. Below, you’ll find some mum-to-be style tips to keep you looking at your best.

Dressing your bump

During pregnancy, try to dress in clothes that you are really comfortable in, this will leave you feeling happier and looking more relaxed. Having a few key pieces in your wardrobe that you know you can rely on can really help with this.

For the first couple of months you’ll probably be able to wear clothes from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. If you’re keen to hide your bump in the early stages, try long flowing maxi dresses or floaty tops.


Don’t think you have to change your everyday style just because your shape is changing. Stick to the styles you love, adapt them for your new silhouette and you’ll feel more confident and comfortable. Here are some ideas for when that bump starts to bloom.



Don’t go packing away all your maternity wear once you’ve given birth – those stretchy waistbands and floaty tops will come in handy. Stick to loose-fitting and practical clothing that you feel 100% comfortable in.

  • Repurpose your loose tops and tunics and for simple comfort and effortless style.
  • Treat yourself to some super-comfortable trousers for around the house.
  • A good-quality, well-fitting nursing bra will offer support, comfort and convenience. Shop around for something pretty that makes you feel good from the inside out.
  • Functional nursing tank tops are a must – go for colours or patterns to brighten your outfit.