Baby things to buy in advance

Baby things to buy in advance
Baby things to buy in advance

Shopping for your new baby is part of the fun of being pregnant, but it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. In fact, you only really need a few key items. Feeding equipment is a good place to start. You’ll need a good bra and perhaps a breast pump. There’s lots of helpful information below to help!

Baby things to buy in advance


It’s so easy get preoccupied with the amount of things you can buy for your baby. From toys for the nursery, to the latest gadgets it’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve spent. It’s easier said than done but don’t get carried away!


With so many cute things in the shops, it’s easy to get excited about buying outfits. But don’t forget, your baby won’t stay the same size for long and there’s only so much they can wear! Baby clothing essentials probably include a minimum of 6 babygros and vests, some socks, a couple of cardigans, a little hat, some mittens (in case they have scratchy nails) and tops with poppers – a must for quick changes. You might also find a pack of muslin squares useful for saving your own clothes from baby sick and dribbles.



There’s plenty to do when your baby arrives, so lots of mums have newborn disposable nappies ready for the first week. You’ll also need a baby changing mat, toiletries and a baby changing bag for out and about. A baby changing station for use at home means you won’t have to bend over so much, and might save you possible backache. That may sound silly but not when you think that a newborn baby could need 10 – 12 changes a day!


Invest in some good nursing bras and some breast pads for your baby. If you want to express your breast milk you’ll also need a breast pump and storage containers


A baby’s skin is delicate and they can be slippery when wet so try some specific baby wash instead of soap and shampoo. You can buy a baby bath but a washing up bowl is equally fine!


You needn’t buy a cot quite yet. A ‘Moses’ basket or the carrycot from a pram will do nicely, especially as you’ll probably want to keep moving your baby around the house with you. You’ll need soft baby bedding. A listening monitor is essential for those times when you’re in another room and a thermometer to check the temperature is right.



If your baby’s born in the hospital you’ll need a car seat to take them home. Look out for models that last from newborn to 4 years to save money. It’s very important to fit the seat correctly according to the manufacturers instructions. It’s always much safer for your baby to fit the seat in the back of the car. If you have airbags in your car, remember you must always fit the seat in the back.


If you do get a pram or pushchair make sure it’s designed to let your baby lie flat, to protect their growing back.


Although it may seem cheeky, why not do a wish list of baby things? Most of your family and friends will probably want to give something. You’ll be doing them a favour by giving them a shopping list for your new baby! If you’re lucky enough to have a large and generous family maybe put a few requests for clothes and toys to suit them when they’re a little older? It’s amazing how time flies!